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What is Value Added Tax or VAT?

VAT is a kind of tax levied on sale of goods and services when these commodities are ultimately sold to the consumer. VAT is an integral part of the GDP of any country. While VAT is levied on sale of goods and services and paid by producers to the government, the actual tax is levied from customers or end users who purchase these. Thus, it is an indirect form of tax which is paid to the government by customers but via producers of goods and services.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is now becoming a reality in Dubai. Agxauditors training has been developed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the VAT system, from the compliance aspects of registration, record keeping requirements, returns and payment obligations and VAT inspections to the practical considerations of how VAT will affect the organisation, the strategic decision making required, as well as the fundamentals of accounting for VAT in the accounting system. This course is our most comprehensive VAT training course on offer and covers a wide range of VAT topics. Better trained staff make better decisions which result in minimized VAT costs, more accurate VAT returns and reducing VAT penalties for errors. Many VAT decisions are taken without knowing so, and their impact can often be overlooked. With comprehensive VAT training and online VAT tools on-demand, staff will become more confident and make better VAT decisions.