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Audit Firms

AGX auditors training has been developed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the VAT system, from the compliance aspects of registration, record keeping requirements, returns and payment obligations and VAT inspections to the practical considerations of how VAT will affect the organisation, the strategic decision making required, as well as the fundamentals of accounting for VAT in the accounting system. With bespoke programmes focused on the fundamental principles of VAT, regulation and administration, and guidance on the interpretation and consistent application of the GCC VAT legislation, our courses will equip you and your workforce with the knowledge, skills and confidence to work with VAT.

After completing this course you will be able to:

» Understand VAT concepts in details and its applicable rules in UAE.

» You get understanding of VAT account creation, adding information and manage it for filling.

» You will be able to handle all VAT related matters for your company.

» Describe the way in which VAT operates, particularly in respect of output tax and input tax, in such a way that it remains neutral in its application by businesses.

» Identify how VAT applies to international transactions of both goods and services and how the system allows by ensuring that imports and exports are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged over domestic supplies by applying Double Tax treaty.