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Once the VAT implementation starts, the returns should be submitted at the regular periods. The duration for filing it is likely to be 3 months i.e. 4 times a year or in some cases monthly i.e. 12 times a year. The registered businesses can file their returns using the online services of the Federal tax authority portal. Since the VAT is proposed to be active from January 2018, we are guiding tax payers to file the value added tax returns too.

A VAT return is generally paid four times a year and in some cases monthly. It is a record or a statement of the VAT paid during a quarter or month. The rule for the duration of submission is likely to be 3 months or monthly in Dubai too. No need to get confused about the procedure of filing returns.All the registered businesses and individuals should submit the quarterly or monthly record of the paid value added tax. Timely submission of the e-returns keeps the company in good books with the tax authorities. Even if you have not paid VAT, you should file the return as Nil if you are a VAT registered company. The default period for submission of the returns of value added tax is 3 months in most of the countries. The returns are filed online at the official website of the Federal Tax Authority, UAE. The e-services section provides the online facilities related to the VAT returns.