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Audit Firms

AGX auditors are the VAT solution providers with proven forte in dealing with VAT related accounting services. Our team of professionals provide highly-reliable guidance and support in managing VAT affairs by making use of the decades of their experience. VAT is expected to be applicable in Sharjah, from January 2018 onwards, businesses need to prepare for VAT return filing in Sharjah ,Sharjah to avoid missing any major step.

We not only give trusted advice to businesses of all sizes in regard to VAT Registration and VAT Return Filing in Sharjah but also provide complete assistance with respect to the same. We have been working for a number of businesses in the Sharjah Health District, Sharjah region to help them make sustainable arrangements to embrace the new tax regime.

After completing this course you will be able to:

» Explain the impact of exemption in VAT and how tax is calculated by businesses that deal in exempt supplies.

» Categorize some of the more important administrative issues that VAT requires.

» Recognize how to plan your VAT balance.

» Identify the risks behind improper VAT management.