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VAT (Value Added TAX), which is also called as ‘tax on consumption’ by some economists, is simply a tax that is payable while purchasing any product. VAT is a particular percentage of the cost of goods and services, hence it can not be considered as a charge on companies. It is a general tax amount, which is added by the producer to the inputs before they are sold as new offerings. The implementation of VAT is an important step to strengthen the indirect tax structure of any country.

The implementation of VAT will provide a new source of income to the government, which will contribute in providing high quality public services in future. We believe that no section of the financial legislation is as complex as VAT. No Matter how big the VAT issue is, our experienced VAT planning team can help you in every step. The proper execution of the VAT Plan for the clients in order to improve the cash flow is our primary goal. AGX auditors highly skilled and industry-certified accounting professionals make VAT accounting in umm al quain a smooth affair. These VAT experts can structure your business in the most tax-efficient manner in accordance with (FTA) requirements.

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