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With the expected introduction of a Value Added Tax (VAT) in uae , companies have to be prepared by upgrading the skills of their accounting staff to fully understand and properly account for the VAT. From invoicing to recording entries and preparing VAT return forms, Agxauditors provides this course to give an overview of the accounting treatment of the VAT according to the various type of goods and services.

Additionally, Agxauditors compiled from multiple sources the possible VAT treatments, challenges faced and questions to ask by industry, in order to help businesses in uae understand the likely impact from adopting VAT on their operations and financial accounts. In order to implement VAT across an organisation, it is essential that the finance team understands the principle rules of accounting for VAT.In this course delegates will learn about the documentation required for both outputs (sales) and inputs (purchases and expenses)of the business, as well as procedures and controls that may be implemented to ensure the accuracy of the VAT accounts and records.