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Audit Firms

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AGX Auditors are offer comprehensive audit services including statutory, internal, management audit, concurrent audit, audit of management plans, policies & control mechanism.
Our audit services are extensive and in addition to clients in SAIF Zone . we also service organizations across the globe. The audit exercise is a useful management tool and AGX Auditors team carefully plans the exercise to focus on significant areas of controls and accounting procedure such as:

• Statutory Audit

• Internal Audit

• Concurrent Audit

• Revenue and Inspection Audit

• Stock Audit

• Physical Verifications

• Limited Review

The audit team will understand the business model first and ensure the accounting system and internal controls are set in the prescribed standard. This approach brings in the knowledge base gained by AGX Auditors to the client and has helped raise the standard of controls for our clients.
The AGX Auditors client list includes large as well as small and medium sized organizations that we have over the years helped meet with statutory requirements & compliances in addition to reporting irregularities and rectifying flaws in internal control systems.

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