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When a business or firm is terminated or bankrupt, its assets are sold and the proceeds pay to creditors. Any leftovers are distributed to shareholders. Creditors liquidate assets to try and get as much of the money owed to them as possible. They have first priority to whatever is sold off. After creditors are paid, the shareholders get whatever is left with preferred shareholders having preference over common shareholders.AGX Auditors provide liquidation services for all entities – limited liability companies, free zone companies and offshore companies .

How can AGX Auditors in SAIF Zone help you?

1. It is a legal requirement to appoint a liquidator for the process of liquidation. We, AGX Auditors in SAIF Zone, are an approved and regulated liquidator in the UAE with vast experience in the field of liquidation. AGX Auditors are an approved and registered auditor with almost all government institutions
2. We understand that companies going for liquidation face a huge financial crisis, as such, we charge very reasonable and affordable fee for our liquidation services.
3. Liquidation process is complicated and time-consuming. We will take out all the burdens from you and we’ll handle all legal procedures as prescribed in the related SAIF Zone laws, including
a. filing relevant documents with relevant authorities
b. advertising in the newspapers
c. the preparation of Final Account of the Liquidation.

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