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Audit Firms

Sharjah is a dynamic business environment where Companies open and close so frequently that the Authorities have placed Audit Firms with a greater role in certifying the financial aspects of a Company, both when it is opened and closed. A far greater responsibility lies with the Auditors, when they verify and report on the financial aspects of a Company at the time of its liquidation, since the Audit Firm has to check whether all the liabilities and dues were settled and all the parties including shareholders of the Company were fairly treated. Our Audit Firm, AGX auditors Chartered Accountant  is registered with  Free Zones of Sharjah . Our Liquidation Audit Reports are approved by all Free Zones and DED facilitating the Liquidation process of any Company registered with these Authorities.

When a Company ceases its operations, all the assets of the company are distributed to the Shareholders of the Company after settlement of dues to creditors and lenders. However, there is much more to the process of liquidating a Company. The regulations are in place to ensure all parties involved are treated fairly – that one party does not benefit at the expense of others involved.