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Audit Firms

Agxauditors auditor is a person who prepares and inspects financial records, and conducts an audit to check the accounts of a company. An audit is carried out to inspect the accounts of a company, typically by an independent body to detect and prevent frauds and correct errors.

An audit can be of two types, either internal or external. Internal audits are carried out to make sure that the accounts of a company are in good order and correct for both internal uses and for a good review from an external audit. Internal audits help prevent fraud within the company, avoiding loss due to employee theft. Internal audits are carried out in both small and large businesses to prevent any kind of fraud, whether cash theft or misuse of company assets.  The main purpose of this is to assure that the assets and the statements themselves are free from misuse. While external audit firms inspect accounts and statements, they only assure that there is no fraud, and are not bound to fix problems.