Auditors in Ajman

Agx Auditors is an Chartered Accountant & Auditing firm. The full-fledged operation of the firm started the same year with the mission to provide a comprehensive range of financial services to its clients. We offer our expertise in the areas of audit and assurance, Accounting, Financial services, Business planning ,Software consulting. Agx Auditors offer our auditing services to the traders and industrialist of all size and nature in Ajman. We provide a range of assurance and business services to a diverse client base ranging from small businesses & start-ups to substantial international groups and development sector in Ajman.

We study the working systems, nature and volume of business and advise suitable charges and make valuable suggestions to promote efficiency and achieve better results at the same time. We make it a point that the auditing work is undertaken efficiently so that it does not raise superfluous queries and unnecessarily trouble the clients. We try to complete the audit work in the least possible time and minimal botheration to our patrons. Our Auditing services include:-