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Audit Firms

DAFZA stands as one the gateway for developing the country as a center trade and services. The free zone authority delivers better facilities to attract more investment from foreign countries. The free zone also provides direct access to a number of government services, including Immigration, Customs and the Chamber of Commerce – helping to streamline red-tape procedures and provide clear processes and guidelines.

AGX Auditors is among the best auditing firms in DAFZA that provides its valued clients the expertise they need to thrive their business, while improving the efficiency and adaptability of the enterprise in the competitive market. Accounts are important from an individual’s / company’s prospective. Not only provide the information about the profitability and stability of business but also help when requesting finance, both personally and for the business. Hence it is every business best interest to keep record accurate and timely.

Benefits to the Clients

 Chances of fraud and error are minimized to the maximum extent

 Proper accounting standards in place

 Safeguarding of Assets, complete track of fixed assets and current assets including random stock counts, physical Cash count etc.

 Timely reporting for company operations

 Improved standards and procedures from filling till the finalization of accounts

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